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What are CPC pages?
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Crisis Pregnancy Centres are pro life centres that trick and manipulate people looking for abortions. They often give things like abortion causes cancer, and depression, as facts, and have been known to lure people in with ultrasounds then steal their clothes and refuse to give them back until they promise never to get an abortion.
CPC pages are just Facebook pages of these various centres

They also help out protesters by sending their own, providing refuge for supplies, and raising money.

Exposing Fake Clinics (a page by NARAL Pro-Choice) and Expose CPCs (mine) have more information and examples.

All over the US there are billboards pointing girls in their direction. It’s so sad.

I’m sure there are some mislead places like this, however most CPC centers offer help for those who can’t afford to raise a child, show life saving alternatives to murdering the child, and some offer counseling for those suffering mentally after having had an abortion. They do great work. My family is involved with a local one called Carenet.

You mean Care Net, one of the two largest networks of CPCs in the country, which operates the misleadingly-named “Option Line” but doesn’t actually provide accurate, unbiased information on all your reproductive options? The Care Net whose affiliate CPCs were exposed by a federal report as providing false and misleading information about abortion?

I’d recommend exploring this blog and learning how CPCs really operate. 

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if anybody has any resources on crisis pregnancy centers (specifically experiences from women dealing with Birthright International or even crisis pregnancy centers in iowa) could you send it my way??? the teacher who heads our school newspaper has been advertising a local cpc in the newspaper for the past like. four months and i want to write as informing of an email as i possibly can so she can understand what harm she’s doing

Check out this blog! There are a couple of posts on CPCs in Iowa, and more information on CPCs in general.

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The [crisis pregnancy center] counselor told me that, “condoms are like a bag of balloons. You know when you get a bag of balloons and they have a lot of holes in them? Well, condoms are like that, but you can’t see the holes.”

Unmasking Fake Clinics: The Truth About Crisis Pregnancy Centers in California

I honestly don’t even know what that counselor was trying to say.

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I could always tell when a woman had just come into our clinic from the White Rose because she would be standing at our front desk crying and shaking. She would have been waylaid there, sometimes for hours, before she finally figured out she was in the wrong place and had the courage to get up and leave. In nearly 40 years of working in the field of abortion I never got over seeing that kind of trauma and I never have. I was furious and literally could not believe that this fraud was allowed.

The Wrong Door: The Terror of the White Rose and the Truth Revealed by “12th & Delaware”

On occasion we saw a woman who came for an abortion, but really didn’t want one. When that happened we did our best to refer her to whatever medical and social service resources might be available. One day a young woman we’d seen came into the clinic with her six-month-old baby. She had no money and no place to stay. We were the only place she knew to turn for help. Because we cared more for her than we did for our own righteous anger we actually called the White Rose so that they could help her with a place to stay, food, baby clothes, and all the things they had been promising women for so long. We were stunned when they told us there was nothing they could do for her.

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Yahoo yanks anti-abortion ads for violating its policies


Yahoo is now following in Google’s footsteps, banning crisis pregnancy center ads that appear when users search for “abortion clinic.” The ads, as seen in these screenshots, look like they are advertising an abortion clinic. In fact, crisis pregnancy centers do not provide abortions, and discourage people from seeking abortion. CPCs are one of many underhanded weapons in the anti-abortion arsenal, using lies and emotional manipulation to frighten people away from a legal and overwhelmingly safe option.

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"She Said Abortions Cause Breast Cancer": A Report on the Lies, Manipulations, and Privacy Violations of Crisis Pregnancy Centers in New York City

Investigators with the NARAL Pro-Choice New York Foundation looked at 14 crisis pregnancy center websites, spoke to 8 on the phone, and visited 10 in person. Here’s what they found:

  • Only 25% CPCs identified themselves as pro-life on their websites. The remaining 75% either only said they didn’t recommend abortion, or presented themselves as completely neutral.
  • CPCs offer “medical quality” pregnancy tests - the same tests you can buy over the counter - to give themselves an appearance of medical authority.
  • Most CPCs asked for personal information of the client and potential father, but none of them provided paperwork about confidentiality or HIPAA compliance.
  • Almost every CPC provided inaccurate information about abortion, inflating the health risks, linking it to breast cancer, infertility, and “post-abortion syndrome.”
  • Knowing that abortion is banned after 24 weeks in New York, CPCs seek to delay decision-making by suggesting a client should wait to see if they miscarry, and falsely claiming they can access abortion up to 9 months of pregnancy.
  • All CPCs either refused to discuss birth control, or provided inaccurate information on it.
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What can someone do if they fear that a CPC has exposed their personal information?
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The page called What Can I Do About Them? has all the resources I’ve found so far on taking action against deceptive crisis pregnancy centers. One option would be to file a consumer complaint, which the National Women’s Law Center can help you with.

Unfortunately, if you weren’t interacting with a medical professional or the CPC you visited wasn’t a medical facility, they weren’t legally obligated to keep any of your information private. But if either of those are not true, and you were in a medical facility, you may have a lawsuit on your hands. The NWLC would definitely be the place to ask!

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I'm the one who posted in the pro-choice tag about my idea for a comic strip featuring a pro-choice, feminist hero. My first strip is going to feature crisis pregnancy centers. What I would like to know is, how would the typical trip to a CPC go for someone with an unwanted pregnancy? Do you know of any personal stories, or places where I could go to look at them?
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I’ve added a few new pages to my sidebar, and one of them is the Navigation page that lists all the tags I use. Check the #stories tag!

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This is just one example of the kinds of ads anti-choice groups are running on Yahoo to trick people facing an unplanned pregnancy. Sign the petition asking Yahoo to take down ads that lie.

Because some anti-choicers have been denying this is really happening, here’s a screenshot I took one minute ago:


And here’s what their website has to say about abortion:


Yep, that’s definitely not an abortion clinic.