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Common Lies Told By Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Crisis pregnancy centers are sometimes called fake abortion clinics because of their tendency to locate themselves near real clinics and use deceptive names and advertising. Their real goal is to prevent clients from having an abortion, even if this means lying. These myths are perpetuated on CPC websites, advertisements, materials in the center, and in person.

1) Lie: Abortion causes breast cancer

Truth: Every reputable cancer institute and OB/GYN organization has said this is false and based on poor research. [source] [source]

2) Lie: Abortion causes infertility

Truth: While complications with abortion, just as with any other reproductive procedure, can have an effect on future fertility, abortion does not have a unique negative effect on fertility. [source] [source]

3) Lie: Abortion causes mental health problems

Truth: Sometimes referred to by anti-abortion activists as “Post-Abortion Syndrome” or “Post-Abortion Stress Syndrome,” these effects aren’t supported by the American Psychological Association or the American Psychiatric Association. [source] [source] [source]

4) Lie: Abortion is dangerous

Truth: Abortion is one of the safest medical procedures, with a risk of less than 0.05% of major complications that may need hospital care. The risk of death associated with abortion is 1/1,000,000 before 8 weeks and 1/29,000 at 16-20 weeks. [source]

5) Lie: Birth control and condoms don’t work

Truth: The effectiveness of birth control depends on how well it’s used. Condoms have a 98% effectiveness rate when used perfectly, but that goes down to 82% with “typical” use. Long-term methods, such as the IUD and implant, are over 99% effective.

Birth control works best when multiple methods are used together, such as consistently taking the birth control pill and using condoms, or having an IUD and using the pull-out method. [source] [source] [source]

6) Lie: Emergency contraception is abortion

Truth: Emergency contraception, also known as the “morning after pill” or by one brand’s name, Plan B, works primarily to stop the ovary from releasing an egg that can be fertilized by incoming sperm. This prevents a pregnancy from occurring in the first place, and EC will not work if a fertilized egg has already implanted in the uterus. There is no evidence to suggest that EC prevents a fertilized egg from implanting. [source] [source] [source] [source]

7) Lie: The abortion pill doesn’t work on ectopic pregnancies

Truth: This is a half-truth. The medication typically used in medication abortions, mifepristone, has no effect on an ectopic pregnancy. However, methotrexate is also sometimes used in medication abortions, either in pill or injection form, and it can treat an ectopic pregnancy. [source]

8) Lie: Embryos and fetuses can feel pain during an abortion

Truth: The current research finds that fetuses likely cannot perceive pain or distinguish it from touch until the third trimester of pregnancy. Nearly 99% of abortions happen before this point. [source] [source] [source]

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The Southside Pregnancy Center in Oak Lawn, IL isn’t the only crisis pregnancy center touting this claim. A search for the exact phrase pulls up dozens more CPCs, but no source for the statistics.

(As an aside, you’ll find a lot of copying and pasting between CPCs across the country. This page is replicated word-for-word by CPCs in New Jersey, Texas, North Carolina, and more.)

The truth is, a first-trimester abortion is one of the safest medical procedures in existence. The rate of complications that might require hospital care is less than 0.05%. The risk of death from an abortion performed before 8 weeks, which make up over 60% of all abortions performed in the US, is literally one in a million.

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Exposing Fake Women’s Health Clinics

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State-Funded Deception: Minnesota's Crisis Pregnancy Centers

NARAL Pro-Choice Minnesota Foundation identified 90 crisis pregnancy centers in Minnesota, the majority of which were not licensed medical clinics. They investigated 15 of the centers, and here’s what they found:

  • 10 CPCs provided inaccurate information on birth control, and 9 did the same with emergency contraception
  • 11 CPCs pushed the false abortion-breast cancer link
  • 13 centers claimed that abortion leads to severe mental health problems
  • 10 centers claimed abortion causes infertility, and 11 suggested a strong link between abortion and future miscarriage
  • CPCs used delay tactics, suggesting clients wait another month to take a pregnancy test. Waiting increases the cost of abortion, and pushes clients closer to states’ term limits on abortion
  • The majority of CPC representatives interacting with patients are non-licensed volunteers without a health care background
  • One volunteer claimed carrying a pregnancy to term is safer than abortion. The risk of death from childbirth is actually 14 times higher than abortion.
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In some cases, it appeared that the volunteers wanted to help women, but were insufficiently trained on how to interact with an emotionally distressed individual. For example, at one center, every time the investigator asked a question, the volunteer simply responded by stating, “We have a pamphlet for that.”

The Truth Revealed: Maryland Crisis Pregnancy Center Investigations

Crisis pregnancy centers’ primary motive is to prevent you from having an abortion. Many pose as abortion clinics or legitimate health centers, but have no trained professionals on staff.

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Anti-abortion activist Abby Johnson instructs conference-goers on how best to draw people into crisis pregnancy centers.

"We want to appear neutral on the outside…The best client you ever get is one that thinks they’re walking into an abortion clinic."

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BLACKLIST: Crisis Pregnancy Centers in Washington

Seattle Clinic Defense has created a list of crisis pregnancy centers in Washington. If you need an abortion, steer clear of these places! Find a reputable abortion provider through the National Abortion Federation.

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The Truth Revealed: Maryland Crisis Pregnancy Center Investigations

A 2008 investigation of Maryland crisis pregnancy centers found:

  • Most centers lied about the risks of abortion, linking it to suicide, breast cancer, infertility, and the mythical “post-abortion stress syndrome”
  • Most do not discuss birth control, and the ones that did lied about condoms’ effectiveness and the side effects of the pill
  • Less than half of CPCs that used ultrasound machines employed medical professionals
  • Centers pushed, but did not provide adequate information or support for parenting and adoption. One volunteer went so far as to say, “Having a baby isn’t that hard. I’m sure you can handle it.”
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Lighthouse Women’s Center in Denver, Colorado really wants you to come to their center, where they can better manipulate you into giving birth.

The truth is, crisis pregnancy centers usually use the same pregnancy tests you can buy in a drugstore, and they’re all quite accurate a week after your missed period. Only when you take a pregnancy test at a CPC, it may take staff over an hour to give you the results, leaving them plenty of time to give you false information, manipulation, and try to convert you to Christianity.

P.S. Just because a CPC has an ultrasound machine, doesn’t mean they’re qualified to use it or understand the results!

Working at an abortion clinic… everyone has tales from patients who came to us from CPC’s… 

The rule of thumb, Ultrasounds are not free. They cost money because they are performed by qualified individuals and interpreted by doctors and nurses. A free ultrasound is one paid for by the church that supports whatever CPC you are at. 

CPC’s will lie to you about your gestational age in order to prevent you from having an abortion, I’ve had patients think they were too far along at 12 weeks, 12 weeks! (We go up to 24 weeks and 6 days.) 

Ultrasounds are not free, however, your friendly local abortion clinic generally will put the cost of the ultrasound towards the cost of your procedure. Keep that in mind fellow humans with the potential to be pregnant. 

The Knights of Columbus, a Catholic organization, has spent over $8.5 million in four years on 334 ultrasound machines for their ongoing Ultrasound Program.

So yeah. No ulterior motive there. Definitely not.

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This time, it’s not what a crisis pregnancy center is pushing, it’s what it’s lacking. The HOPE Center in Philadelphia, PA briefly mentions reproductive coercion (without using the term) when discussing abortion and adoption, yet leaves their section on pregnancy and parenting conspicuously absent of the possibility.

Reproductive coercion is strongly linked with domestic violence. It involves one partner forcing or tricking the other into making reproductive choices they don’t want to make, and usually happens when an abuser wants to exert control over their partner, or believes a pregnancy will permanently tie their victim to them. This can include sabotaging birth control, refusing to use condoms, rape, and other forms of pressure.

It’s not surprising that CPCs, that primarily exist to prevent people from exercising their right to choose, are silent when it comes to forcing people to become and remain pregnant. It is terrifying, though.